Atmosphere: A Revival-

‘Atmosphere: A Revival’ is an architectural sauna installation. The work seeks to promote individual and social wellbeing through the revival of bathing culture along the Yarra River in Melbourne.

A temporary re-activation of what was an iconic swimming destination from the 1920s-1960s, the project inspires ways in which the Yarra can be better experienced. We hope to open a dialogue about the role of public saunas in improving the health and wellbeing of urban dwellers in Australia. 

The design philosophy is centred on a blurring of the boundaries between personal and public space. The structure is designed to encourage visitors to explore the threshold between intimate social contact and inner stillness. Traditional materials are combined with more experimental ones so as to play with levels of transparency and obscurity. Such materials allow the natural environment to have a presence in the space, whilst maintaining an intimate and sacred atmosphere.

Architectural Installation

Melbourne Design Week

March 2020

Completed as part of Studio Rain

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